top free best online game reviews

top free best online game reviews

here we give u reviews about 2 best free online game

Slope Game

Slope game is one of the best running game for running game lovers as it is an endless running game. This game is developed by RobKayS and its best and interesting music is composed by SynthR. It is also a flash game. So, if you want to play this game, adobe flash player is necessary for your browser. So you should install flash player on your browser. The graphics of the game are unique 3D which made is special for running game lovers. The sound of the game is also very interesting that you love to play this game again and again. In this game, you have to play in the form of the ball which is running in a space having hurdles. The gameplay of the game is very simple but the levels of the game are not so easy. You have to run very carefully on a narrow road because of your small mistake you can lose the game. Red blocks are also your horrible enemies. If you hit them you will lose the game immediately. The speed of the ball increases after level by level. So it becomes more difficult to win the game completely. Slope is a very challenging game so you should be very careful to play this game.

Mutilate A Doll 2

Mutilate a doll 2 is its own type game. I am sure that you have not played this type of game ever before. The bad things of your life and to fight with your girlfriend can make you a frustrated person. So it is very necessary to rip out your anger. So, you can feel relaxed or calm. So, by playing this game you can rip out your anger and can get relaxed. As in this game, you have to beat a doll badly by many kinds of weapons like pistol, blast, arc, blunt, etc. you can beat it by the way that you like. You can kill the doll or even tore him into many pieces to ripe out your anger and get relaxed. This game is available online on many websites and you can play this game by just a single click. the graphics of the game are so realistic that you will surely feel that you are beating a real person in a real world. You can also choose your favorite atmosphere to beat the doll. This game is the best game for angry persons to remove their anger in a better way. So that they can feel relaxed and do not hit the real person to whom they are angry with.